A blog full of food with a little craftyness thrown in!

About Me

Hello world!

Welcome to my little blog. My very own little bit of the internet and it’s only going to contain the things I LOVE. I think it’s my favourite site already!


I’m Kevin and I am a bit of a foodie. As well as that, I love anything that involves craft or making things myself. Up until recently, I’d lived in Norwich for my whole live; however, I’ve recently started a new adventure in LONDON and I am loving it!


I’ve been wanting to write a blog for a very long time but I was stuck with the very first (but, arguably, the most important) thing of all – giving it a good name. I finally decided on The Crafty Larder recently and I’ve just been given the little push I needed to start writing. But why do I want to write in the first place? Well…
  1. Jac over at Tinned Tomatoes has bullied me into creating a blog, and I always do as I’m told. (Only kidding, I am eternally grateful to her for giving me this push)
  2. I am VERY forgetful; I work for a while to create an excellent recipe and at that moment in time, it is so surely lodged in my memory that I am convinced I could never forget it. Fastforward a couple of weeks and I can’t even remember half the things that go in it! By writing it down in this blog I hope to remember a lot more of my recipes and enjoy them more than once.
  3. My friends and family are constantly requesting my recipes. But because I don’t write them down, I can’t usually supply them unless they’re very fresh in my mind. This blog will change that.
  4. I just love food. Making food, eating food, talking about food, writing about food, taking pictures of food. I hope this blog gives me a place to channel that, rather than posting random food pics all over the internet and on Facebook to anyone that will look at them.

Well, I wanted a name that would describe what the blog is about. It’s mainly going to contain food, so it is a ‘Larder’ of sorts but I also would like to blog from time to time about various crafty things I’ve been doing and things I’ve made. I think ‘The Crafty Larder’ sums it up pretty well!