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Walkers Tear ‘n’ Share & LIFEHACK: Wrapping Paper Gift Bag

You MUST have seen these new Walkers Tear ‘n’ Share crisps in the shops. Have you been wondering what they’re all about? Why they’re different to other bags of Walkers crisps and why you should buy them? Well, fear not, because Walkers have asked me to tell you all about them!

The crisps themselves are just like the Walkers we all know and love, except they are thicker cut. What does this mean? Well, it means the crisps are sturdier, crunchier and more appropriate for sharing. I found them to be about halfway between the likes of Kettle Chips and traditional Walkers Crisps.

Of course, being thicker cut means they’re a lot less fragile and can be used to dunk in a wide variety of dips. Yum!

The other trick this product has up its sleeve is the bag doubles up as a bowl… Rather than having to use a serving bowl to pour the crisps into, you can just open the pack at the top and it’ll form a standalone bowl for guests (or you!) to dive into. I don’t know about you, but anything that reduces the amount of washing up required after having friends over is always a winner with me; and this is no exception!

All in all, I really enjoyed Walker Tear ‘n’ Share crisps and I love the idea of the bag becoming a bowl. I hope you’ll love them too.

Walkers also asked me to share with my readers a little lifehack of mine; something that I do that makes my life easier or less complicated but other people might not think about doing. When I knew that the bags of crisps turned into a bowl, I instantly knew what I wanted to show you all; how to make a gift bag from ordinary wrapping paper!

LIFEHACK: Wrapping Paper Gift Bag

We’ve all done it; bought a rush gift for a friend’s birthday without any consideration for wrapping it up. Perhaps it’s a really weird shape. Maybe it’s a small gift and you don’t want to look too tight-fisted. Whatever your reasoning, this gift bag is the answer. I bet you’ve already got some wrapping paper hanging around from another birthday too, so this will even save you money; Perfect!

I’ll talk you through this in words, but the images are below too just to make it completely clear.

You’ll need:
  • Good quality wrapping paper; the sturdier the better. It’s harder to work with stiff paper but the results are so much nicer.
  • Tape; I’ve used washi tape in this example, mainly because it’s pretty but also because you can see it clearly in the pictures.
  • Scissors.
  • OPTIONAL: Hole punch and ribbon for a bow.

To make the bag:
  1. Cut a sheet of wrapping paper so that it will fit the present. It needs to fit around the item easily with some overlap and also around twice as tall as the item to allow for folding etc.
  2. Fold over the two sides so they overlap. Crease the folds in both directions, to make sure the paper behaves itself. Tape down the join.
  3. Fold the bottom up. Again, use the item to decide how much to fold. The amount you fold will determine the depth of the bag from front to bag.
  4. Pull down the top sheet of paper and allow the folded piece to turn into a diamond shape. Crease the edges.
  5. Fold the top and bottom points over so they overlap slightly. Tape all of the joins. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect; this is the bottom of the bag after all!
  6. Open out the bag, pushing the bottom flat and creasing the two sides to make the bag square.
  7. Place the gift in the bag and fold over the top of the bag a couple of times until it feels like the right size for the item. Tape down the top.
  8. OPTIONAL: Punch two holes in the top of the bag and feed through some ribbon for the perfect finishing touch. Voila!

I hope you enjoyed this lifehack. If you make a bag, why not share it with me on Twitter or post about it in the comments below?

Disclaimer: Walkers sent me some of their crisps to try and compensated me for my time in writing this post. As always, I wasn’t expected to write a positive review and all views expressed are my own personal opinions. 

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