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REVIEW: Glorious! SkinnyLicious Soups

Each month, I’ve been trying out some of the fab soups from Glorious! and sharing some of my favourites with you. This month, with it being January and all, I’m concentrating on the ‘SkinnyLicious’ range of soups.

These are delicious soups with a little secret; they all contain less than 2% fat and are under 150 calories per portion. For soups packed full of flavour and ingredients, this is amazing! It almost feels like they’ve got this wrong when you eat the soups as they are so creamy and filling.

I’ve been eating these soups for my lunches. With a high street sandwich having a calorie count of anything up to 600 calories, to have a bowl of soup for 150 calories is an amazing alternative. Even if you add a bread roll and some butter, it’s still much better for you than that limp soggy ‘meal deal’ sandwich!

I’m sharing my 2 favourites in a bit more detail here…

Vietnamese Supergreen is a light, fragrant soup with peas, spinach and Vietnamese spices but it’s still very filling due to the addition of lentils. I usually shy away from anything labelled ‘green’ and ‘skinny’ as so much of this tastes like I’m just eating blended grass and I’m not a cow! I needn’t have worried though; this soup is far from that. It’s delicious and really full of flavour.

Texan Four Bean Chilli is my absolute favourite of the SkinnyLicious soups. It is delicious; not too spicy, but definitely carries the flavour of the ancho chillies well. Again, the beans and basmati rice in it make for a filling meal in a way that won’t see your waistline expanding and the added spices and red pepper pack a big flavour punch. I’ve had a whole tub of this for dinner with some bread on the side, felt completely stuffed and still been well within my calorie allowance for the day. Winner!

The SkinnyLicious range has 7 soups in total. For me, some other highlights are New England Butternut Squash and Cuban Creamed Corn. Give these or some of the other flavours a go; I bet you won’t regret it!

If you do try these soups or the rest of the range, drop me a comment below. I’d love to know what you think of them.

Disclaimer: Glorious! sent me some of their soups to try and compensated me for my time in writing this review. As always, I wasn’t expected to write a positive review and all views expressed are my own personal opinions.

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