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Readers Cook: Chorizo and Butterbean Stew

I’ve been asked a few times what the best thing is about being a food blogger and my answer is always the same; knowing that people cook using my recipes and enjoy the results. From time to time, I get images sent to me over on Twitter of one of these dishes and most of the time I scream and run around the house doing a happy dance. Best. Feeling. EVER.

So, when I received a picture of my Chorizo and Butterbean Stew cooked by a Twitter follower I was delighted. Then I received another. And another. I could barely contain my excitement and I think I may have even spilled my coffee. Oops!

For some reason, you just love making this and I’m over the moon with the images you’re sending to me. You guys are AWESOME. This is by far the recipe you love to cook and tell me about most often, so to celebrate I’m going to share the photos with ALL of you right now!

I’ll admit I can’t remember when each of these were sent to me, so they are in no particular order. I’ve also edited some of them to brighten them up a little bit etc. 

First up, it’s the lovely @MattCheetham. He cooked this for his partner @bobbert_ (who is equally lovely, if you were wondering…) Matt’s the handsome one in the first shot. I’m pretty impressed by his presentation and the fact he didn’t slop the stew all over the bowl; I’m terrible for that. I also love the dedication to a full set of cutlery, even though there’s no work for a knife with this dish!

Next up is a foodie I’ve ‘known’ on Twitter for quite some time, @DameChlorella. Wendy tweeted these pics and I was so happy to see my face on someone else’s laptop in their kitchen. The BEST thing about blogging, summed up in one image! I love the little sprinkling of parsley on the finished stew as well as the chunky texture. Looks amazing.

The last of the stew in its original form is from @MattTheOtter. I think he may have been the first one to tell me he’d made the stew and it looks great! From the looks of it, he served it with farfalle pasta which is a great substitute for bread.

The last image I have is not my Chorizo stew at all, but rather an adaptation of it by @Steve_Reynolds. He’s used a different kind of sausage for his stew but I bet it’s still delicious. Thanks for sharing, Steve! I’m delighted you felt inspired by my recipe.

So, there you have it. A blog post created entirely from content provided by my wonderful readers.  Feels a little bit lazy really but hey, I did the work on the original recipe! Thank you so much once again to all of you who’ve made this and any of my other recipes and told me about it. Those of you who haven’t told me, I really do love hearing from you so please do keep in touch. I’d also love to hear any suggestions or requests you have for future posts; after all, YOU are the reason my blog exists!

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