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Club Sandwich November 2015 Round Up

So, it’s the time of the month that all bloggers who’ve hosted November challenges will be posting their round ups, so here is mine for Club Sandwich.

If you’re not familiar with it, Club Sandwich is a challenge run by Stuart of Cakeyboi and myself. The idea is to promote and celebrate the humble sandwich in any form.

Unfortunately we didn’t receive many entries this month; I’m guessing bloggers are really busy working on festive recipes and didn’t have a chance to enter. Not to worry though, I think those that did enter are pretty impressive!

So, first up was my review post for Cheese Posties. Well worth checking out if you like toasted cheese sandwiches.

The second entry was from Stuart at Cakeyboi. I’m in love with his Lemon Meringue Pie Toastie and can’t stop drooling whenever I look at the pic. Just look at that fluff oozing out from within…

Our final entry was from Caroline over at Caroline Makes. Her French Toast Stuffed with Cream Cheese and Caramelised Pecans is a mouthful to say and even more of a mouthful to eat; but what a fabulous mouthful that would be! Yummy!

So, that’s it! Small but perfectly formed. Stuart is busy moving house and I’m busy with Christmas stuff this month, so we are taking a break from the challenge. It will be back some time in the new year though, so please make sure you have a good think about what you’d like to create when it hits the bloggersphere again!

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