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REVIEW: Donnelli’s Pizzaria, Norwich

Like many people, I was sad to hear last year that Tea and Little Cakes (TALC) in Norwich had closed. I used to love it in there and their breakfasts were especially good!

However, rather than mourn the loss I can now celebrate as the fab Donnelli’s Pizzaria has opened in it’s place. It’s a small restaurant with a big wood-fired oven at the back, serving top quality pizza made from scratch with a variety of toppings.

Here’s what I thought…

First Impressions 
From the outside, Donnelli’s looks really inviting. It’s been painted white which makes it looks really fresh and the menu is displayed prominently.

The same look continues on the inside of Donnelli’s; fresh and clean, but without being too formal. The tables have a slightly rustic quality to them and there are big candle holders on the tables too, which all adds to the charm. Perfect for a lunchtime occasion or an informal dinner situation. 8/10

The staff were really friendly, with the lady I assume to be the owner particularly willing to chat to me about their lovely pizza oven. You could tell right away that she has a passion and talent when it comes to Italian food.

My only slightly negative comment would be that the waitress’s outfit was not particularly modest, with her top being particularly skimpy. It didn’t really bother me, but it did seem slightly inappropriate and could put some people off. 9/10

The Food and Drink
I can’t comment much on the drink, as I only had a Diet Coke, but what I can say is that it was lovely and cold! (For me, there’s nothing worse than a warm Coke!)

A friend and I decided to take advantage of their ‘half and half’ pizza, ordering half Florence and half Sorrento with a garlic bread and cheese to accompany it. 

The garlic bread was very nice, with the smoke flavour coming through from the oven which had also ensured the edges and the base were beautifully crisp. However, the real star of the show was the pizza.

Again, the base was lovely and crisp as all good pizzas should be and not soggy at all. The edges were puffy and golden too and not doughy. There were a number of toppings across the pizza and all tasted wonderful with a real feeling of quality to them. The tomato sauce in particular was very tasty and fresh.

A slight criticism for the food is that in my opinion there is a lack of choice on the menu. There are a lot of pizzas but it’s somewhat difficult to decide which to order as they are all fairly similar. The current list could be cut in half which would make way for some more interesting pizzas, such as a Pizza Blanca with a white sauce base, something including goat’s cheese for the vegetarians and I definitely would appreciate more vegetables available as toppings; onions, peppers, mushrooms etc. are delicious on pizzas in my opinion! I also think it wouldn’t hurt to have a pasta dish or two on the menu for those who aren’t pizza fans but are attending with friends who are. With this in mind, the food gets 7.5/10

Value for Money
The meal was good value with our food and drinks coming to under £15 per person. For food of a high standard, this was a bit of a bargain! 10/10

To sum up, I think this place is really good and it could be brilliant for me with just a few tweaks to the menu. Make a few small changes and it will be deserving of an even better score than the 8/10 I am currently giving it.

Have you been to Donnelli’s or do you have your own favourite pizzaria I MUST visit? Let me know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to review this restaurant and they were not aware I would be blogging about my visit. My experience, therefore, represents one of an average customer paying full retail prices. Views expressed are my own personal opinions.

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