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Peanut Butter Popcorn Bark

You may have seen my first Larder List back in January where I was raving about a new product I’d found called ‘Peanut Hottie’. I had a few messages after this asking if I’d ever tried baking with it and I hadn’t at that time but did have plans to give it a go.

Chocolate is always a great match for peanuts in my book, so I decided to combine it with some popcorn too with this delicious bark being the end product. OK, so I know it’s still not TECHNICALLY a bake, but it is using Peanut Hottie for something other than a drink!

The Peanut Hottie works brilliantly in this recipe as it’s a powder that’s had the fat removed. If you tried to use regular peanut butter, it would make the chocolate softer and I like my bark with a satisfying snap to it.

As you may already know, to get chocolate to behave in these kinds of recipes, you need to temper it. This means the chocolate will retain the glossy finish and ‘snap’ and it won’t bloom and look unsightly after a few hours. However, I find tempering a particularly troublesome and complex process. In the past I’ve turned to products such as Candy Melts but I have been underwhelmed by the flavour of these in comparison to ‘real’ chocolate.

So, imagine my delight when I opened a pack of PME Candy Buttons and tasted them to find they were a really passable substitute for real chocolate! Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t use them in something where a high quality chocolate flavour is desired but for everyday baking and confectionary making, I think these are a winner! No messing with thermometers, double boilers or any of that stuff; just pop in the microwave and melt. Simples!

If you are really averse to the idea of candy buttons then by all means use real chocolate.

The recipe for this bark is so simple you almost won’t believe it, especially when you see how great it tastes too!

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Peanut Butter Popcorn Bark
A sweet treat, combining the flavours of peanut butter, popcorn and milk chocolate.
  • 340g ‘milk chocolate’ candy buttons
  • 3tbsp Peanut Hottie powder
  • 25g sweet & salted popcorn, plus extra for topping
1. Chop, smash, process, blend or otherwise break down the popcorn into smaller pieces and distribute evenly on a lined tray.2. Melt the candy buttons, stir in the Peanut Hottie and pour over the popcorn, using a palette knife to smooth it out and make sure the chocolate has covered all of the popcorn.3. Place some whole pieces of popcorn on the top, pushing into the chocolate slightly then leave to set.4. Break into pieces and enjoy!
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: Lots of lovely bark!

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