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The Larder List: January 2015

New to The Crafty Larder is The Larder List. A monthly round-up of the products I have been loving or loathing this month. Some were sent to me for free to sample and others I have paid for.

Fruit Broo 

These little tubes are great for people who like fruit teas. Each little tube contains enough concentrate to make 10 drinks and what a delicious tasting drink they are too!

I’ve also used these to flavour bakes such as macarons etc.

 Price: £1.70 for 10 drinks

 Score: 9/10

Minvita Superfood Powders

These powders are excellent to add to smoothies and juices and provide a boost of flavour as well as nutrition. Although they are quite expensive, they are a ‘must have’ for all my smoothies now!

Price: Between £10 and £35 per tub, depending on ingredients

Score: 7/10 (due to price)

Lucy Bee Coconut Oil

There is loads of information online about the health benefits of using coconut oil. Although these are a bonus, I use it because it is absolutely delicious. Shallow frying, baking, flavouring coffee and more can be done with this lovely oil.

Price: £6.00 for 300ml

Score: 9/10

Pret a Manger: Love Bar Latte

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a bit of a coffee fiend. Whilst waiting in the queue one day for a morning ‘fix’ I noticed this tempting Love Bar Latte. It has a delicious chocolatey, caramely, biscuity flavour with a nutty after-taste too. Perfect for a morning sugar and caffeine hit.

Price: Unsure!

Score: 8/10

Peanut Hottie

Ever tried to make a hot chocolate with peanut butter instead? You’ll pretty certainly end up with an oily, clumpy mess. It’s really disappointing when you KNOW if it could work it would be delicious…

The makers of Peanut Hottie realised this and made an instant “just add water” drink from peanuts with the fat removed. Genius! It is so scrummy too.

Price: £3 for 260g 

Score: 10/10 !

Mediterranean Tomato Chutney

I was sent some of this to try before Christmas and it was a really welcome addition to our cheese boards. A little runnier than most chutneys, it spreads really well and tastes good too.

Price: £1.50 for 290g

Score: 7/10


These little crisps look like they are made from potato but they are actually made from PASTA! I know it sounds CRAZY but they are packed full of flavour and really crunchy as a result. I’ve not tried a flavour I didn’t think was delicious.

Price: £2.19 for 150g

Score: 9/10

Nakd Bars

I’d seen these little bars around all over the place but was always put off by the fact the main ingredient is usually dried dates. Remembering back to Christmas when I was a child eating those dried dates with the stones in the middle, I was not convinced.

However, I tried one and I was hooked right away. There are so many flavours to choose from, you’re sure to find one you like. I think the best is the Cocoa Orange!

Price: Varies, 50p-£1 per bar usually

Score: 10/10 !

Lots of great scores for our first month of The Larder List. I wonder what February will bring?

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