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REVIEW: 7Heaven, Norwich

A couple of weeks ago a colleague sent me the menu for a new burger and waffle restaurant in Norwich. I’d heard a few good things about it so we decided we’d have to go the next day! Unfortunately, I’m now wishing we hadn’t…

First Impressions
I liked the decor of the place, with the industrial charm of OSB board on the walls and metal light fittings sitting well with the retro wall hangings and other decor. A good start!

However, when I looked a bit closer I was really surprised and a little disgusted by just how dirty and run-down the place appeared to be beyond all the OSB.

Just take a look at that plug socket and telephone point in the pic to the left. Aside from the fact I’m not really sure why they are there (a mid-meal hair straightening point or in case you carry a retro phone to plug in?!) they are completely filthy. I mean, really, how long does it take to rub a socket with a damp cloth and make sure it looks clean? It’s not even as if this is accumulated dirt as it has only been open a matter of weeks; it definitely was not given a good clean before opening.

Unfortuntely, the same standards had been applied to the toilets and I wasn’t actually sure if I should have washed my hands as the taps were so dirty I may just end up with more germs… (I did wash, btw, and used tissue to turn the taps!) 2/10

The service offered by the staff was very slow. At the end of the meal, I waited 25 mins for someone to take the plates away and allow me to ask for the bill and they were not particularly busy.

However, when the staff were in attendance they were polite and friendly, if a little clueless when explaining the menu to other customers. 4/10

The Food
Probably the worst part of the whole experience was the food.

I had the Wild7 Waffle which was two waffles topped with cheese sauce and wild mushrooms. I added a slice of bacon and ordered a side of fries.

My colleague had the Hell7 Burger which was a beef burger in a brioche bun with beef chilli and cheese. He also ordered the fries.

My waffles were sweet (ick!) and cold. The cheese sauce plopped on them was lumpy and only vaguely warm and the mushrooms, whilst a good selection, didn’t look like they’d even seen a pan. Raw, cold mushrooms are not my thing.

The burger was not much better. A standard beef ‘7patty’ was smeared with around 1tsp of beef chilli and a tiny slice of cheese that had all but disappeared. He said it tasted like a fairly standard burger; hardly any heat to it and certainly not ‘Hell’!

Probably even worse than both of these were the fries. These were soggy, undercooked and again only warm. Everything a good chip shouldn’t be.

Sorry 7Heaven, but your food gets a 2/10

Value For Money
The waffle I had was £5.95 and I added bacon for an extra £1. If the food was good, this would be a reasonable price for what I got but as it is I think the value was poor.

The burger was £7.95, so quite a bit more expensive. For burgers in this price bracket I’d expect something a little special; perhaps a double burger or for the chilli to be spilling out the sides when you bite into it. Again, I don’t think this was good value for what we got.

In addition to this, the dishes come with no sides at all. The burger had no salad either in or beside it which I think is a standard garnish. Would it kill them to put a couple of onion rings on the side too? The (soggy, undercooked) chips cost £1.95 for a very small portion.

The soft drink we had was £2 each. We had to have Coke as apparently they had no Diet Coke.

To top it off, a 10% service charge was added to the bill without asking or any warnings being given. Had we been a big party, I could understand; but there was only 2 of us! Cheeky. 2/10

I was extremely disappointed with the food and standards of cleanliness at 7Heaven. It’s possible that the former was just an unfortunate day in the restaurant and another time would be much better. However, I’m afraid that I would not eat there again unless something major had happened in terms of standards to persuade me to give them another chance.

All things considered, I’m being generous by giving 7Heaven an overall score of 3/10.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to review this restaurant and they were not aware I would be blogging about my visit. My experience, therefore, represents one of an average customer paying full retail prices. Views expressed are my own personal opinions.

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