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Mummy Lantern Jars

This post continues the Halloween theme but today it’s crafty rather than foodie!

Aren’t these lantern just so cute?! I mean, as cute as anything undead and covered in fake blood spatters can ever be. Still… googly eyes make everything cuter, right?

If you are having a party this halloween or just want to put something in the window that’s not a carved pumpkin then these jars are perfect for you. They are so simple to make too, much easier than all that tedious carving!

They are made using 1l Kilner Jars and can be personalised in whatever way you want. I’ve made 3 different styles to demonstrate but the possibilities are really almost endless. I recommend using a battery-operated tealight inside them as a real one would need the lid to be left open and I prefer the look of them when shut. I got my tealights from the local £1 store! They look really great in the dark…

So, how exactly do you make them? Let me tell you how…

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Mummy Lantern Jars
Cute mummified lanterns, great as a Halloween display or a party centrepiece.
  • 1l Kilner Jar
  • A stretch bandage (approx 5cm x 4m stretched length)
  • A pair of googly eyes
  • 1 teabag (optional)
  • Fake blood (optional)
  • Craft glue
1. If you want your mummy to have a stained effect, brew the teabag in a small amount of boiling water and allow to cool completely. Dip the bandage in the tea and squeeze out the excess before unravelling and leaving to dry.2. Starting at the bottom, wind the bandage up the jar until it is completely covered. Tuck the top and bottom in, the tension of the bandage should keep it in place.3. Add the googly eyes with some craft glue and leave to dry.4. If desired, fake blood can now be added. You could also dab or rub the bandage with the teabag to develop some darker staining.5. Leave to dry completely before popping in a battery-operated tealight and enjoy!

That’s it! So simple, yet so effective. Give it a go and let me know how you get on over on Facebook or Twitter.

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