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Crafty Tile Coasters

What that you say? You thought this was a blog about food AND crafts but it’s been all food so far? Fear not, dear reader. I have a crafty make for you!

You could pay a fortune for cute little coasters like these in some high-end boutique shop, but I am going to show you how you can make your very own for PENNIES…

These particular ones were supposed to be a present, but I liked them so much I kept them for myself. I would feel guilty, if they didn’t look so great in my lounge!

MAKE: Crafty Tile Coasters

White 4″x4″ tiles
Pretty napkins (I used Cath Kidston)
PVA glue
Strong craft glue

Spray sealant (I used Plasti-Kote Matt Sealer)
Sheets of felt or cork, for backing

Surface to dry coasters on (I used another big tile)


  1. Open up your napkin and cut into 4 along the creases.
  2. Paint a layer of PVA onto the front and the side of the tile.
  3. Decide which part of your napkin you want to use as the ‘image’ on your tile, but remember to leave enough overhang to go over the edge of the tile and glue to the reverse. Apply this confidently to the tile, smoothing all over to minimise big wrinkles.
  4. Lay the tile on its front, then apply PVA to the back of the tile.
  5. Fold each side over, keeping the napkin taught but being very careful – wet napkins are fragile!!! One you’ve done one side, start to snip off some of the excess in the corners as you approach each of the other sides, to minimise bulk on the back of the tile. Be sure to apply more glue in the corners to make them stick.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 until you’ve done all of your coasters.
  7. Apply a thin layer of PVA to the whole of the back of the tile. This is just to tidy up the back and adhere it to the tile completely. Leave to dry.
  8. Apply 3 layers of PVA to the face and sides of the coasters, making sure you leave the coasters to dry completely between coats (overnight is ideal, but a few hours should be sufficient).
  9. Once dry, spray two coats of spray sealant over the face and sides of the tile, making sure to leave to dry between coats. This makes the coaster waterproof and protects it from the heat of hot mugs etc.
  10. Using a strong craft glue, stick a square of felt or cork to the back then leave overnight to dry.
  11. Enjoy your finished coasters!

NOTE: The napkins WILL get wrinkles in them. I don’t mind that and I actually think it adds a lovely texture to the finished coasters. Learn to embrace those wrinkles 

Check out my board on Pinterest for more great ideas of things to make with napkins… 

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