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Blogger Skills Academy: Simple Food Photography

You see that image up there? Isn’t it pretty?! Probably the best image of food I’ve ever taken and certainly up there in the top 5. Don’t those pancakes look so delicious and luxurious? Let me tell you a little secret; they’re Tesco pancakes that had been standing out for at least 4 hours by that point. How did I manage to get such a lovely shot from such meagre food? Well, I had a little bit of help…
You see, when I met Gavin from Le Petit Oeuf on our tour of the Happy Eggs farm it was immediately obvious that he knew what he was talking about with regards to food photography. I even had a sneaky little peek at his website whilst I was there and some of his images were just breathtaking. So, when he mentioned over lunch that he was starting photography workshops for bloggers I made sure I’d be first in line to try one out.

Sure enough, Gavin very kindly invited me to be a part of the first of his classes as Blogger Skills Academy a couple of weeks ago and I LOVED it.

I’ve been in a lot of blogger photography workshops in the two years I’ve been blogging but never one as useful and practical as Gavin’s. The whole day was arranged around a shot Gavin had created of some pancakes and the teaching was concentrated on elements of that image and how to capture it in the best way possible as well as plenty of examples from Gavin’s previous work.

What I really loved about the classes is that it covered everything; right from the basic elements of exposure and how to adjust them on the camera, to composition and styling and even a tour of the functions of Lightroom needed to really make the images pop. At every stage, we were sent off with our own cameras to explore the functions or principles we’d just learned and that really helped to embed the knowledge in my brain.

It was clear there were all different ability levels in the group; some has just bought a new camera, some only took photos on their phone but were excellent stylists and others, like me, were proficient with the technical aspect but needed more creative input. Gavin managed to cater for all of us and I really felt like we all left the day feeling we knew so much more than at the beginning and I genuinely believe it’s changed the way I’ll think about my photography in the future.

As an added bonus, tea, coffee, pastries and a delicious hot lunch in a local restaurant were all included in the price. Win!

So, a workshop like this is going to be really expensive, right? NOPE! Gavin charges just £139 for the whole day including everything, which I think is an absolute bargain! Not only that, but if you visit the website and add code ‘TOMO16’ at checkout you’ll get £20 off any course. (Valid until 17th Oct 2016.)

There are other courses available too for complete beginners or those more advanced wanting to explore more complex lighting techniques. I’ll be on the next one of the latter, so perhaps I’ll see you there!

Disclaimer: I was invited by Gavin of Blogger Skills Academy to attend the workshop free of charge. As always, all views expressed are my own honest opinions and I wasn’t required to write a positive review.

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