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REVIEW: North, Norwich

From the owners of one of my favourite Norwich haunts, Frank’s Bar, comes North; a fresh new face in the ‘up and coming’ northern quarter of the city. You’ll find this little gem just opposite the Mischief on Fye Bridge Street.

I went there for the first time a few weeks ago and I loved it!

First Impressions
The feel of North is just like Frank’s Bar, with a lovely homely feel to it. Lots of recycled bits and bobs and quirky furniture really make you feel at home as soon as you walk in. The toilets were nice and clean, something I always appreciate! A great start. 9/10

The staff were really friendly and attentive without being over-familiar. At one point, we struggled to find a waiter to ask for some salt but as soon as we did we weren’t kept waiting at all. Oddly, my ice cream was served with a soup spoon… I’m not sure if that’s part of the charm of the place or the waiter didn’t know the difference. Either way, I’m not too fussed. 8/10

The Food and Drink
I went to North with my friend Rob and, naturally, we started off with a couple of cocktails. The cocktail menu is fairly standard; not much in the way of new or original combinations, but sometimes the old favourites are the best anyway! Rob had a Cosmopolitan and I had a Bramble. They were both great, just as they should be. Following my cocktail, I had a nicely chilled pink of Aspall cider.

We found the food menu to be quite limited. I’m not sure if this is because North is new and they want to limit the menu and therefore reduce the propensity for waste or if it will always be this way, but I’d say having only 3 main courses on a menu (none of which are vegetarian) plus a couple of specials just isn’t enough.

None of the mains on offer caught my eye, so I ordered two of the ‘Light Bites’ – Pork Belly with Jalapeños and Pitta and Cheese Arancini (deep fried risotto balls). However, Rob liked the look of the Ossobucco and Saffron Risotto from the mains on the menu.

My dishes were delicious. The pork belly was soft but with a crispy skin and went well with the charred jalapeños and the arancini were wonderfully creamy and cheesy. Lovely little bites to eat!

Rob’s risotto was a little watery and not as creamy as expected, but I’m told it still tasted great. He found it to be under-seasoned but I don’t think we’ve ever been out to eat without him having to add salt, so I think this is more due to his individual taste and I’d much rather a dish was under-seasoned than over.

For dessert, I had the ice cream. I think this was locally produced and came in some wonderful flavours. I opted for one scoop of stem ginger, one of cinnamon and one of a sorbet (I can’t remember the flavour!). All 3 were delicious.

All in all, a good (if too compact) menu with dishes cooked well and a classic drinks menu. A good 7.5/10

Value For Money
At around £10-12 for a main course and £7 for a cocktail, I’d say North’s prices are about average. For food and drink of this quality, I think that’s good value for money. 9/10

All thinks considered, I think I’ll definitely go back to North. The dishes we tried were delicious and if the menu was slightly extended and some more original cocktails added, I’m sure it would have something for everyone. I know the menu at Frank’s Bar well and everything I’ve ever tasted there is delicious so I have no reason to think North would be anything other than equally as good. A very solid 8/10 from me!

I wasn’t invited to review North and they didn’t know I intended to write a review. I paid full price for all of the food and drink consumed and this review should reflect the experience of the average customer at North.

2 thoughts on “REVIEW: North, Norwich”

  • I wold agree that the menu was quite limited, and to not have a veggie option in this day and age feels odd, BUT they are just starting out. It sounds like the overall impression is very positive. Did you ask about the shortness of the menu, or if they had any veggie options (so that you could safely bring a veggie there)? Oh, and your snaps are really good. One reason I never do restaurant reviews is that I would be concerned about my photos!

  • Looks like a really nice place. The menu definitely seems limited but hopefully they'll order a few more options and veggies ones too soon. Wish it was closer to me as I love a good cocktail!

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