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REVIEW: Glorious! Cuban Creamed Corn Soup

When I sat down to plan my latest post for Glorious! Soup, I took a look through their range once more. As soon as my eyes fell on the big yellow car and bright, cheery colour of the Creamed Corn Soup I just knew that was the one to review this time.

It’s almost 8 years since I went to Cuba on holiday for the first time, but I can still remember certain parts of the trip like it was yesterday.

Several things stuck out for me during my visit:

  • The people; I met so many people during the course of my 2 week holiday. Some were extremely poor, some a bit better off but almost all of them were incredibly welcoming and friendly. The Cuban people welcomed me into their country, they were appreciative of the money spent by tourists and I’m pretty sure the rum added a certain amount of happiness too!
  • The vehicles; since the U.S. placed a trade embargo on Cuba in the 60s, the Cuban mechanics had to come up with new and innovative ways to keep the old cars and trucks moving. This, combined with the hot and dry climate, meant there were lots of old classics to be seen. At the time I was a big fan of VW Beetles and it felt like I found one parked on every street in Havana. I loved it!
  • The hurricane (eek!); that’s right, I did say hurricane. You see, I didn’t earn much back in 2008 but I wanted a big adventure. I found that Cuba was pretty cheap in September and promptly booked a holiday. A couple of weeks later I discovered precisely why it was cheap: September is the heart of hurricane season! Oh well, I thought, a hurricane is possible but it’s never going to happen to me. It did. 

    2008 was the year that Hurricane Ike hit the shores of Cuba and passed right over the resort of Guardalavaca where I was staying. As the hurricane approached, the women and children were shipped off to local 5* hotels which had secure hurricane-proof shelters. However, us men were piled into a disused kitchen store room, with the door nailed shut. All there was to do was to sit in the darkness and wait until the hurricane passed. Quite simply, the most frightening thing I have ever been though up to that point and even since. Screaming, glass smashing, the winds ripping the boards off the door and total darkness. Not nice!

Despite my brush with Ike, I loved Cuba and I’d really like to go back there someday. I think I would even like to go back to the same hotel, Club Amigo Atlantico, though maybe not during hurricane season this time…

Anyway, back to the soup. Not only did the vintage car and cheery colour of the soup remind me of Cuba, the flavours were very evocative too. I ate a lot of pulses when in Cuba, including a lot of sweetcorn, and sweet potato and cayenne pepper were also prominent features on the menu. So, when I tasted this soup and closed my eyes I could almost imagine myself there once again! It is delicious and is made better by the fact there are just 300 calories in the whole pot. YUM!

I’ve come to the end of my time reviewing Glorious! Soups now, but I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about them. The links below will take you to my other reviews. As I’ve said before, if I buy a pre-made soup then it is ALWAYS fresh and ALWAYS Glorious! and I hope yours will be from now on too.

Disclaimer: Glorious! sent me some of their soups to try and compensated me for my time in writing this review. As always, I wasn’t expected to write a positive review and all views expressed are my own personal opinions.

3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Glorious! Cuban Creamed Corn Soup”

  • This one sounds fantastic Kevin – I keep hearing about more and more flavours of Glorious! soups that I haven't tried yet, this one sounds right up my street. What a scary hurricane experience, that must have been terrifying!

  • No wonder your trip to Cuba was memorable Kevin – goodness how very exciting! I've never been, but have always been a bit in love with Che. I tried Glorious soups for the first time last week and was impressed. This one sounds delicious.

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