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Whisky and Ginger Bundtlettes

Well, last week the lovely Deb the Bread from Wright’s Baking sent me a couple of packs of their bestselling ginger cake mix along with a challenge to see what unusual bake I could create with it.

I was wracking my brains, trying to think of something to impress her (some might say she is hard to impress, she can bake a mean cake herself!) whilst pouring myself a nice whisky and ginger ale. After another couple of glasses, it hit me. (no, not the floor!) I needed to make some whisky and ginger cakes; and what better shape for these little cakes than the heritage bundtlettes from Nordic Ware?!

This one’s less of a recipe and more of an ‘assembly job’ really, so let me talk you through my thought process…

Not knowing how strong tasting this ginger cake is, I was worried that the strong taste of whisky could overpower it. So, in order to boost the gingeryness of it, I finely chopped and added 2 bulbs of stem ginger to the mix. I then added the oil as per the directions on the pack but rather than 200ml of water, I used 75ml whisky and the rest water. I was testing and trying as I went along and for my pallette this was the perfect ratio.

As I was filling my prepared tin with the mixture, I felt like there may have been a little too much for just these 6 bundtlettes. When you look at how much they rose, you’ll see I was right! I could have probably gotten 8 out of the one pack, but unfortunately I only have the 1 bundtlette tin. I hope the other half is reading this and gets
the hint!

Once cooled and turned out of the tin, I decorated the cakes with a little glacé icing made from 1tbsp each of whisky and syrup from the jar of stem ginger, mixed with enough icing sugar to make a thick but still just pourable paste. I drizzled this over the cakes and for a final flourish, topped with smashed ginger nut biscuits and a sprinkle of chopped stem ginger.

As it happens, I need not have worried about the strength of the ginger; the mix is really gingery and with the added stem ginger and whisky it really packs a punch which I LOVE!

You can find a list here of all the places you can buy this fab mix. I really don’t like using cake mixes usually and stay away from the ones in slim boxes in the supermarkets. However, these Wright’s mixes are excellent; they are made with the highest quality ingredients without any nasties and that REALLY comes out in the flavour and reliability of the end product. So, if you are a ‘cake mix’ sceptic like I was, give these mixes a go and you won’t look back!

As always, if you make these cakes please do send me a picture on Facebook or Twitter, I really would love to see them.

For more great bundts, check out my Pinterest board:

Disclosure: I was sent the ginger cake mixes by Wright's Baking for free to try. I was not paid or required to write a positive review and any opinions expressed are my own. I have also never been paid by Kitchens Cookshop to promote them but I do because they are a FAB place to buy your bundt tins!

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