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Simple Garlic Root Mash

I am so over mashed potato.

In times gone by, I’d have had it with just about every meal. I loved the stuff! But now I’m a little older, I need something a bit less bland than potatoes with some butter and milk.

So, I started experimenting with mashing other root veg in with it and I think I’ve settled on a great recipe for root veg mash!

Of course, you can’t just have mash on its own! I’ve paired with with the old classic of sausages, peas and gravy… If you’re vegetarian then just imagine this with some good veggie sausages.

This is so simple to make, it is almost not a recipe! The important thing is to get the proportions correct. I have tried loads of combinations and the one I like best is half potato and half other root veg. Carrot, swede, parsnip etc. all work really well, depending on what you like. So, if you have 500g of potato, you could add 250g carrot and 250g swede as I have in the pics above. My secret weapon that holds it all together and adds a delicious flavour is garlic! Just peel some cloves and add in to boil with the veg; you’ll need around 2-3 cloves for every 1kg of veg.

The veg is just peeled and chopped (harder veg need to be smaller than potatoes to ensure they cook in the same amount of time) then boiled with the whole, peeled garlic cloves for around 20-25 minutes or until they are all tender. Drain and boil then mash with a knob of butter and a little milk if you like.

So simple and yet so tasty and a perfect accompaniment to those warming winter meals around Christmas time.

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