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Mini Gingerbread Houses

When I first saw these mini gingerbread houses over on the Custom Cutterz Facebook page, I knew I HAD to have some. In fact, I fell in love with them so much I ordered 2 sets of cutters!

They are so small, you can hook them over the edge of a cup. How cute would this be, to serve friends coffee over christmas with one of these perched on their cup?! They are delicious too, if you can bring yourself to eat them…

This was the first time I’ve ordered from Custom Cutterz but I will definitely be using them again. They provided an excellent service at a great price. I also asked them to create another custom cutter just for me and within a couple of hours it was done and on its way to me. Awesome! They use a 3D printer to create them so they can make a cutter in just about any shape. The idea of them being 3D printed appeals to my inner geek too.

They are a set of 3 cutters and they even come with a recipe to get you started right away. I used this recipe for my little houses but I cheated with the royal icing; rather than play around with egg whites etc. I just used a pack of royal icing sugar. A little splash of water and this icing sugar turns into perfect royal icing, just right for sticking the houses together and for decorating too.

To decorate, I used some of the multitude of baking ‘sprinkles’ that have been hiding in my kitchen cupboards and waiting patiently for an occasion such as this one.

I don’t think I need to say any more about these adorable little houses. If you want to make them, head over to the Facebook page and get ordering the cutters!

For more great gingerbreaddyness, check out my board on Pinterest:

Disclosure: I paid full price for these cutters from Custom Cutterz. I was not asked to post about them on my blog, or to write a positive review; I've done it, because I think they are fab!

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